Waterjet Cutting News

GMA adds Kennametal ROCTEC® APX nozzles to worldwide distributorship

Effective February 2019, GMA is an authorised worldwide distributor of Kennametal’s new ROCTEC® APX abrasive waterjet nozzles. 

Kennametal ROCTEC® APX nozzles provide 20 percent greater nozzle life than the industry-leading ROCTEC® 500 waterjet series, which already significantly outperforms other conventional tungsten carbide nozzles. 

GMA has been distributing Kennametal ROCTEC nozzles for 19 years. In this long-term partnership, Kennametal has been supporting GMA in finding technical solutions for specific waterjet applications.

GMA CEO Stephen Gobby said Kennametal’s consistent high product quality, reliability and availability make them a perfect partner for GMA.

 “We have been working with Kennametal for many years and we look forward to continuing the relationship with this excellent new product.

The combination of two high performing products – the APX nozzle and GMA Garnet abrasives will raise the bar in edge quality and performance while improving productivity for our customers,” he said. 

APX nozzles are ideal for use in precision cutting applications such as aviation, aerospace, defense, automotive and medical where long, uninterrupted cuts or close tolerances must be maintained for long periods to keep part integrity or minimise expensive scrap due to premature nozzle failure. 

It provides a longer period of precision cutting while increasing operational efficiency.  Its long life and consistent wear set a new standard for high-performance cutting.

  • Longer uninterrupted cuts
  • Precision cutting performance
  • Highest possible cutting-edge quality
  • Fewer nozzle changes for greater uptime.


Using APX series nozzles, waterjet shops can take on even more challenging, complex jobs, or run at faster production speeds, or longer production periods.

Waterjet machine manufactures continue to develop higher pressure pumps and more efficient cutting processes. ROCTEC® APX is a next-generation nozzle designed to meet these requirements.   


By Tiziano Cher, Frankfurt