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Four GMA Europe employees celebrate 10 years of service


Congratulations to Phylis Friederichs, Anke Buell, Iris Benthin and Frank Biedermann on achieving 10 years of service with GMA last year.

Phylis joined GMA with three new employees and she fitted right into the newly formed team.

She works in the Logistics division, managing the transport and material transfers, and purchase orders. Currently, she monitors claims and verifies and books incoming invoices as well. Phylis is an honest and positive colleague and is ever willing to take on challenges.

“When I first started, I had no knowledge of the garnet abrasive. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about the product and I’m very proud to be part of the team. I’m glad I took the challenge 10 years ago!” Phylis said.

Like Phylis, Anke fitted right into a new team when she came on board where she supported the Sales division in looking after the Scandinavian region. In addition, she was responsible for several customers in Europe. Anke is very reliable and systematic in her work.

In 2014, she was transferred to the Logistics division and her flexible working style has enabled her to take on her new responsibilities well. In her new role, she works closely with stock keepers as she monitors stocks and packaging processes.

As for Iris, she was appointed to manage several customers and handle orders for garnet abrasive and waterjet cutting spare parts for the Sales & Purchase division. Two years later, she was promoted as Division Manager Inside Sales.

Iris finds the new responsibility fulfilling. She manages a team of six inside sales representatives who are responsible for sales, customer support and other related tasks.

She is also instrumental in the implementation and planning of new internal processes for the company’s ERP system that was launched in 2012.

How does it feel like to work with GMA for 10 years?

For Division Manager Disposition & Logistics – Frank, 10 years has gone by very quickly. This shows how exciting and diversified his work has been at GMA.

He finds that no two days are ever the same for him and his job challenges him in new ways, nearly every day. When he first started, there were only two employees in the Logistics division.

“I look back with pride on what we have achieved so far and I look forward to the future. Thanks to my team and colleagues for a great time. None of this would have been possible without them, “ Frank said.


By Kristina Kothe, GMA Europe