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Dharmesh never gave up

Back in 2006, the GMA Middle East office was looking for a responsible and energetic candidate to fill a dynamic position that covers Admin, Finance and Inside Sales.


Dharmesh Tala was recommended by a GMA employee to apply for this ‘hot’ position, as he is known to be lively, confident and energetic.

Within the first few months with GMA, Dharmesh found that he was no match for the speed and pace of the tasks on hand. He had to handle phone inquiries, work with transporters, shipping agents, plant workers and welcome visitors to the office. 

In addition, Dharmesh was managing the inside sales for blasting and waterjet cutting.

“I begin to fully understand why General Manager Giresh Ragoowanshi labelled this as a ‘hot’ position. It was challenging and required the strength of a Bison to perform well,” Dharmesh shared.

However, Dharmesh never gave up.

Over the years, he mastered his skills, particularly in Finance and Administration. Moreover, he continues to support the sales team and helps his colleagues with  anything at anytime. Dharmesh has become the ‘one stop solution’ for our operations.

He looks after most areas to ensure the company runs smoothly,” Giresh said.  

“He is a very calm person and not easily angered or upset in any situation. His unique character has made him the most loveable person to his colleagues and clients,” Giresh added.

While he journeys toward the next anniversary milestone, Dharmesh will continue to offer his round the clock service to his colleagues. He looks forward working with GMA till he turns 60!  


By Ajay Thanki, GMA Middle East