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Dean Clarke celebrates 40 years of service with GMA

One of our pioneer employees Dean Clarke needs no introduction within GMA.

Those who have had the opportunity to work with or alongside Dean know that he is hands-on in mining and running the wet plant in Port Gregory, Australia. He is also a fan of mining machinery and shared that one of his most memorable moments in his life, and with GMA was 32 years ago.

“It was 9 October, 1989. My first child - a boy, a loader and a dump truck were all delivered in one day!” Dean said.

As one of the pioneer employees of GMA, Dean was part of the development of the Hose plant, and he has also spent over four years working on building new plants and facilities in the USA. Four decades of service with a company is a very long journey. Dean reflected on this significant milestone:

Starting from a two-man team (me and my Dad) and one shift operation at Port Gregory, I have seen GMA grown to the be world leader it is today. I have also witnessed the growth which enabled GMA to be one of the bigger employers in the Northampton region.

Over the years, I have forged many friendships, both here and overseas, not only within GMA but with suppliers, contractors and the like.


I am thankful to have had wonderful mentors from the beginning, especially my Dad Ray Clarke and Martin Taylor. I would also like to give a special mention to Torsten Ketelsen for his vision for GMA over the years.

A huge thanks to my family for their support over the many years, especially my wife Jo who has always been made to feel a part of the GMA family.



TGEJKOh  Stephanie Cheong, GMA Group