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David achieves 15 years of service

Group Treasury Manager David Wong achieved 15 years of service with the Group in 2017.

Based in GMA’s head office in Perth, Australia, David manages various finance tasks from managing cash flow positions and hedging of foreign currencies to risk management.

David is also responsible for evaluating our customers’ credit worthiness leading to decisions on credit approvals. In the area of trade financing, he manages the issuance of Letter of Credit and Banker’s Guarantee documents to major customers.

“David was instrumental in setting up the finance function for GMA and has been a safe pair of hands in relation to the Treasury function for a long time. He is dedicated to his role and to GMA, and we look forward to his future contribution in the years ahead,” Chief Financial Officer Grant Cox said. 

For David, every day is a learning curve:

“You may have worked for 20 years in your job but that doesn’t mean that you know everything”.

To illustrate his point, he uses a simple example of mailing a letter. You may be tasked to place a stamp on the envelope but you would have no experience in folding the letter and sealing the envelope.   



By Stephanie Cheong, Perth