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Cyclone Seroja : Affected employees say ‘Thank You’

In April this year, Cyclone Seroja, a category three storm has ripped across a 1,000km (621-mile) stretch of Western Australia, leaving a trail of destruction.

Many towns reported property damages and disruption to power and water supplies. Half the town of Kalbarri was flattened, with 70% of the homes affected. Over 20 employees and their families from our mining operations in Port Gregory living in these towns were affected by the storm, with some employees losing their homes and belongings.

In response to this, the community engagement team in Perth started a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the affected employees and the response from our employees and friends of GMA was overwhelming. We’ve raised over AUD$19,000 within two weeks!

"In addition to this fundraising effort, GMA has, and will continue to assist affected employees and the community with financial and other means of support to help get those affected back on their feet as quickly as possible," GMA Acting CEO Grant Cox said.

A thank-you message from the beneficiaries to all who has given generously to the fund:

On behalf of the GMA employees affected by the devastating effects of Cyclone Seroja, a huge thank you must go out to the individuals and GMA Garnet Group (globally) for helping with the clean-up and donating money to the relief fund.

Cyclone Seroja affected all our employees in the Mid West communities of Geraldton, Northampton, Port Gregory, and Kalbarri. Whether it being the loss of electricity for extended days or minor and major damages to houses and properties.

At the extreme, some employees lost their complete house and contents and relocated to alternative accommodation. At the time of writing this, many of our employees are still assessing the damages on their properties. The cleaning up and rebuilding of homes and properties in the affected communities will take months, if not years, to fully complete.

It certainly brings to light GMA’s values of Care, Trust, Teamwork and Excellence, especially the Care and Trust shown by the management team to the employees immediately after the cyclone. Employees received time off to clean up and keep their properties safe. Employees from the dry plant in Geraldton helped with the property clean-up. They have also extended their help to the Northampton community by unloading trailer loads of rubbish at the Northampton rubbish tip.

Our employees demonstrated Excellence by getting our Port Gregory mine site up and running using power generators. Last but not least, Teamwork by the GMA global family for the financial support to the affected employees and their families.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed and helped with the relief fund and the clean-up.

- GMA employees



TGEBBurrows  By Belinda Burrows, GMA Mining Australia