Waterjet Cutting Our Customers

Trust GMA for the most cost-effective solutions and quality garnet abrasives

Since 2009, GMA has been supplying Jacquet Metal Service (JMS) and its subsidiaries globally with the highest quality garnet for the precision waterjet cutting of their specialty steel products.

JMS Technical Director Pierre Richard believes the company has significant trust in GMA to deliver consistent supplies of high quality garnet abrasives for their operations.

“GMA has provided us with the most cost-effective solutions to keep our machines operating at stable costs, and to remain competitive in future years,” Pierre said.

JMS uses GMA Garnet™ abrasives for the precision cutting of stainless steel and nickel alloys products.

“Waterjet cutting is an ideal solution for cutting heat-sensitive materials, especially for customers who do not want heat affected zones on the cutting edges of our products.

This cutting method also provides fine cut edges with minimal kerfs,” Pierre said.