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Consistency the key for GMA distributor, Performance Waterjet

For more than two decades, General Manager of Performance Waterjet, Lester Selby and his team have been relying on GMA Garnet for their customers throughout Australia.

“The relationship between Performance Waterjet and GMA started long before Performance Waterjet came to be. It was back in the 1990s when I was working for another company selling GMA Garnet for surface preparation projects around the country,” Lester says.

“In 2002 we realized that the waterjet business was a growing sector and we decided to establish a new business specifically for the waterjet cutting industry and so here we are today, and we’ve been working with GMA ever since.”

GMA Garnet™ remains the recognized industry standard among manufacturers of waterjet cutting machinery worldwide, offering consistent grain sizing, minimal impurities, and optimum hardness, ideal for precision cutting and improved production time.

“GMA is a natural decision for any waterjet cutter,” explained Lester.

“When waterjet operators are working a waterjet machine there are many factors to consider and many things that can influence the success of the operation and the efficiencies of the way the machine works. If using GMA, the quality of the abrasive is one less thing operators need to worry about.

“If you asked what's one word that describes GMA it's consistency. It's a top of line product, it never changes, gives the maximum cutting performance, runs consistently through the equipment and it's the same for tonne after tonne after tonne.”

With a fully owned and operated global supply chain servicing customers for more than forty years, Lester highlighted GMA’s reliable supply of waterjet garnet proves to be a key service offering for his team.

“GMA is an incredibly reliable supplier. With their reserves of stock there’s basically whatever we need ready to go. And when it comes to getting product to market and ensuring that any waterjet customer Australia-wide can tap into material on as required basis. It’s the relationship with GMA that has enabled us to do that,” he said.

“GMA will be a key part of our vision for the future as long as people are operating waterjet machines. Waterjet machines need quality abrasive, and our team can't imagine any waterjet operator being able to run their equipment efficiently without this great product.”

vid Performance Waterjet's General Manager, Lester Selby and GMA Garnet

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