Abrasive Blasting Tech Tips

BlastTalk: Surface preparation in hard to reach areas

If you are in the building and restoration industry, you will often encounter various surface challenges from cleaning concrete and stone to wood refinishing.

What’s more, some areas are difficult to access such as tall buildings where you need to perform the job on a man lift (cherry picker) or a scaffold; or confined spaces such as attics and ducting systems. Lugging a huge and heavy blast pot into these areas is near impossible.

Under these circumstances, you can consider investing in a compact sized and portable blasting back pack that is designed to help you manoeuvre easily and clean these areas with precision.

One of the most economical systems available in the market is the IBIX 3 Back Pack. It operates seamlessly with various sizes of GMA Garnet abrasives – from coarse to superfine and can be equipped with various nozzles for different blast patterns.

Moreover, the wet and dry feature of the IBIX System enables the abrasive function to be mixed with vapor misting to 100% water, which is key in areas where low dusting is critical.  


By Pete Mitchell, GMA Americas


For more information and recommended equipment, please contact your local GMA technical consultant to determine suitable equipment options that will benefit and optimise your operational profitability.   

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