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A corner stone of GMA Americas

When GMA Americas was established over 10 years ago, Mike Duncan was supporting all operations of the company in Houston, USA. 


The pioneer employee handled sales and admin matters as well as the warehouse. Not only that, he was ever willing to roll up his sleeves to load our stocks onto trucks and re-stack pallets by hand in 100-degree Fahrenheit (38°C) Texas heat. 

“When I met Mike, my first question to him was - What is your job title? He said, ‘It depends on the time of the day’, said Vice President Sales & Marketing Pete Mitchell. 

Over the years, Mike’s role has changed and he is currently the Logistics Coordinator for the company. However, he has always been the one who will go above and beyond his regular duties to attend to any issues on hand.

“I believe if we didn’t force him to go home each day, he will never leave his desk! “ Pete added.

What we are today is because of dedicated employees like Mike, who views his work at GMA to be more than just a job.

Mike is a good friend, a great employee and corner stone of GMA USA.


By Deena Reimer, GMA Americas