Abrasive Blasting Our Customers

25% less budget, 40% less time

(and much bigger holiday bonuses)

When a seasoned contractor reached out to BlastOne in mid-December, it started off like any other call.

The South Carolina-based company had a difficult blasting challenge, and it was looking for a solution.

The good news, the customer shared, was that it had just been commissioned to blast one of the U.S. military’s oil storage tanks—a surprise contract sure to mean holiday bonuses all around.

The bad news? Its team only had two weeks to complete the very demanding job instead of the three weeks they knew it would usually take. The contractor had worked with the military’s oil storage tanks before, so it knew full well that the project would also normally require 10 truckloads of abrasive.

When the customer asked what it could do to shave a week off the project timeline, BlastOne had a proven solution: better blasting equipment and a faster, more efficient abrasive.

Within a few days, 10 truckloads of GMA SpeedBlast™ garnet arrived at the job site. So did new, high-efficiency blasting equipment. Then, with the holidays drawing near, the final delivery showed up: an application engineer from BlastOne. An expert at maximizing the results of GMA SpeedBlast™ abrasive, the engineer provided critical support for the contractor’s team.

Together, they laid the groundwork for a successful project, minimizing any hiccups that could hinder productivity. Satisfied that the job was running smoothly, the engineer let the contractor get back to what it did best: top-notch industrial blasting for high-profile clients.

Thirteen days later, BlastOne received another call from the contractor—this time, eager to share some good cheer. His team had finished its oil storage tank job a day ahead of the reduced 2 week schedule, and 25% under budget. With the job completed and the U.S. military satisfied, there was just one detail left to wrap out the project: What should they do with the five spare truckloads of GMA SpeedBlast™?

The company sent back the five extra trucks of garnet abrasive, which were deducted from its bill. Then, the owner passed out holiday bonuses like never before—sharing the rewards of completing a complex job 40% faster than before, 25% under budget and with 50% less abrasive.

By Wayne Hughes, BlastOne International


The contractor knew full well that the military’s oil storage tanks required three weeks of solid blasting—not two—and 10 truckloads of abrasive. BlastOne had a proven solution that could shave a week off the project timeline: better blasting equipment and a faster, more efficient abrasive.