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10 Years of Dedicated Service with GMA

When Sandy Stock-Standen joined GMA in January 2008, she was responsible for water quality monitoring at the wet plant in Port Gregory, Australia.

Within a short span of two months, she was assigned to run the whole laboratory at our mining and wet plant operations in Australia.

Two years later in 2010, she took on another role as Safety Assistant. Today, Sandy oversees all the quality control of the wet plant and stockpiles, and assists with the monitoring of the water supply. Besides the lab, she also prepares daily reports as well as fuel management.

Over the years, she is known by her peers as a colleague who goes above and beyond to perform and complete a task.

Besides working at GMA, Sandy has a big heart for her community. She is involved in volunteer work and has served as a Councillor for the Shire of Northampton since 2004.



By Belinda Burrows, Geraldton