Blast Abrasives

GMA SpeedBlast™

Exceptionally fast blasting performance for removal of light to medium coatings and rust, with low consumption and exceptional surface quality.

GMA SpeedBlast™

50 - 75 µm

Surface profile

Up to 25 m2/hr

Blasting rate

As low as 10 - 12 kg/m2

Consumption rate

GMA SpeedBlast™

GMA SpeedBlast is our fast cleaning, general purpose abrasive for a wide variety of less challenging industrial blasting requirements. It offers exceptionally fast blasting performance for removal of light to medium coatings and/or rust. 

It outperforms other abrasives due to its hardness, low consumption rates and durability that improves productivity and ensures a superior surface finish.

Industry Applications

Oil & gas (onshore and offshore)
Tank exteriors and liners
Water and wastewater treatment
Energy generation
Shipyard maintenance and repair
Water towers
Construction & infrastructure

Proven performance in surface preparation


High productivity

Cut blasting hours by 30-50%* compared to steel grit and slag abrasives. GMA SpeedBlast™ performance has been demonstrated through rigorous product testing and a track record of success in applications worldwide.


Cost-effective blasting

Deliver fast results at the lowest cost. GMA Garnet™ can provide significant savings in abrasive consumption, blasting hours, and disposal costs for your project. Overall, garnet sandblasting generally requires 30–50% less product than other abrasives.


Ideal surface finish

GMA SpeedBlast™ achieves an exceptionally clean surface and high peak density. Our uniquely hard and tough garnet blend cuts through resilient coatings, allowing operators to prepare surfaces quickly for inspection and recoating.


Safe and compliant

Have complete peace of mind knowing GMA Garnet™ meets all industry, government safety, and environmental standards. Blasting the purest, cleanest garnet means less dust, leading to better operator visibility and less worker risk.


Why engineered blends perform better

GMA’s range of engineered blend garnet blast abrasives are a unique mix of coarse and fine garnet grains, achieving the optimal balance between cutting power and cleaning ability to meet a specific industry requirement.

GMA Speed Blast™ delivers fast and effective coating and rust removal at very low consumption rate, leaving the cleanest surface ready for inspection and coating.

Blast cost calculator

How much money can the right abrasive save you?

When estimating your abrasive blasting project costs, the abrasive price won’t tell the whole story.

Forecast your profitability with an abrasive cost comparison based on independent third-party analysis. Simply provide project costs and specs, then select a GMA abrasive and an alternative.

Case study

25% less budget, 40% less time, 50% less abrasive.

A blast contractor had a difficult blasting challenge and was looking for a solution. They had been contracted at short notice to blast a military oil storage tank but had a very short time frame to complete the job, 2 weeks instead of the usual 3.

With the switch to GMA SpeedBlast™, not only did they finish a day ahead of the shortened timeline, they used 50% less abrasive.

speedblast case study
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