Specialty Applications

Rubber filler

Garnet as a filler in rubber can increase the weight and viscosity of rubber, as well as its physical strength and vibration dampening properties.

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How garnet impacts rubber

A micro-powder derived from Garnet minerals is added as an inorganic filler to rubber. Its unique chemical profile, characterized by wear resistance and chemical inertness, means that garnet powder as a rubber additive brings much needed elasticity and resilience to rubber products.

Garnet-reinforced rubber also has more performant tensile strength and is more resistant to tearing when compared to rubber reinforced with other additives, such as calcium carbonate.

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What makes GMA Garnet unique?

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Extreme toughness

GMA Garnet™ is made from the hardest, toughest, and most dense variety of garnet, able to maintain its integrity & resist fracturing under force.


Chemically inert

As an inert mineral, our garnet has little to no recordable heavy metals, minimizing worker hazards and environmental contamination risks.

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Clean and pure

GMA’s meticulous processing methods produce the highest quality garnet products — the cleanest, purest, and most reliable available.

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