Specialty Applications

Anti-Slip and Anti-Skid Surfaces

Garnet is used as a highly effective anti-slip or anti-skid additive in coatings and paints, increasing the level of surface traction in these products.

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Road Pavement Surfacing

As an anti-skid/anti-slip additive, garnet adds the surface tension needed to improve friction and increase the safety surfaces, while also helping to create an extremely durable surface. Garnet serves as an anti-slip additive for a wide range of road pavement surfaces, including:

  • Bus, cycle, transit and fire lanes
  • School and pedestrian crossings
  • Taxi & bus stops and pickup areas
  • Carparks

Anti-slip surface treatments created with garnet additives can also help with creating clear and colourful demarcations and enhance the fuel and oil-resistance of a road surface. 

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Commercial and Industrial Flooring

Garnet can also be used in commercial and industrial flooring scenarios, serving as a broadcast aggregate that adds the requisite surface tension to create a safe and slip-free surface.

After rolling out a floor coating, contractors can broadcast garnet aggregate into the coating, then back roll the floor to embed the garnet in the flooring. 

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What makes GMA Garnet unique?

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Extreme toughness

GMA Garnet™ is made from the hardest, toughest, and most dense variety of garnet, able to maintain its integrity & resist fracturing under force.


Chemically inert

As an inert mineral, our garnet has little to no recordable heavy metals, minimizing worker hazards and environmental contamination risks.

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Clean and pure

GMA’s meticulous processing methods produce the highest quality garnet products — the cleanest, purest, and most reliable available.

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