Blast Abrasives

GMA SoftBlast™

When ultimate precision and care is required for vulnerable surface or restoration.

GMA SuperFine

12 - 25 µm

Surface profile

Up to 28 m2/hr

Blasting rate

As low as 4 kg/m2

Consumption rate

GMA SuperFine

Our finest garnet abrasive, ideal for extremely delicate restoration or sensitive surfaces. Able to remove single layers of paint at a time, while not affecting delicate surfaces.

GMA SuperFinet excels in restoration and removal of graffiti, pollution or adhesives on stone, brick, wood, glass, soft metals, or sensitive equipment such as gauges & valves. Ideal for stone or wood heritage buildings, automotive or antique restoration. GMA SuperFine is available in 350 mesh.

Industry Applications

Stone & brick restoration
Soft metals
Concrete maintenance
Fibreglass & composites
Grafiti removal
Timber restoration

Proven performance in surface preparation


High productivity

Cut blasting time by 30-50%* compared to other abrasives. GMA SuperFine's performance has been demonstrated through rigorous product testing and a track record of success in applications worldwide.


Cost-effective blasting

Deliver fast results at the lowest cost. GMA Garnet™ can provide significant savings in abrasive consumption, blasting time, and disposal costs for your project. GMA Garnet generally requires 30–50% less product than other abrasives.


Ideal surface finish

GMA SuperFine achieves an exceptionally clean surface, leaving no residue or embedment. Our uniquely hard and tough garnet can cut through the most resilient coatings, while giving you exceptional control to only remove the intended material.


Safe and compliant

GMA products are natural, chemically inert minerals with no toxic metals and little-to-no worker or environmental risks, including minimal dust during blasting - a safe choice for sensitive environments. GMA Garnet™ meets all industry and government safety and environmental standards.


What makes GMA Garnet unique?

GMA Garnet™ is an inert natural mineral that outperforms other abrasives due to its inherent hardness, toughness, density, and angularity. These qualities, when combined with the recommended equipment and air pressure, provide teams with unmatched performance, such as reduced blasting hours, lower abrasive consumption, and excellent control over how much material is removed.
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How your abrasive choice impacts your business.

When estimating your abrasive blasting project costs, the abrasive price won’t tell the whole story. Forecast your profitability with an abrasive cost comparison based on independent third-party analysis of abrasive cost, abrasive consumption, blasting hours, disposal costs.

Case study

Incredible control, minimal dust and noticeably lower consumption

The owner of Metal Revival in Columbia, Tennessee in USA has been using crushed glass for his wood and metal restoration projects for four years. However, the limitations to using glass abrasives caused him to try GMA Garnet abrasives.

“I couldn’t believe the control I had. It flows through my fingers like liquid yet generates minimal dust when blasting. The abrasive consumption was noticeably lower compared to glass abrasives. I’m sold on GMA Garnet™.”

softblast case study
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