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Waterjet Orifices

GMA carries a complete range of orifices such as ruby, sapphire, tetraCORE™ and diamond orifices, giving you the flexibility to match your requirements.

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Diamond Orifices

The diamond orifice range is the hardest, strongest orifice available in the industry. It has the longest lifespan of a minimum of 500 cut hours from waterjet use and enables water pressures up to 90,000 psi without signs of erosion or wear on the jewel.

Diamond orifices are reliable and provide the cleanest, most precise cut when used with a Dimond Guard Filter on waterjet machines. 

Size: 0.004''/0.10mm - 0.018''/0.45mm

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tetraCORE™ Orifices

More cutting and less downtime. tetraCORE™ orifices are the most cost effective orifice available. tetraCORE™ orifices are manufactured under tightly controlled conditions and engineered to offer superior cutting performance for almost any waterjet cutting application.

Size: 0.004''/0.10mm - 0.018''/0.45mm

Performance Advantages
•  Lasts up to 15 times longer than ruby or sapphire orifices
•  Approximately 400 or more cut hours
•  Increases mixing tube life by up to 30%
•  Superior jet stream consistency
•  Fewer scrapped parts
•  Excelling reliability and efficiency
•  Reduces overall operating costs.

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Ruby and Sapphire Orifices

The most common, industry standard orifices. Ruby and sapphire orifices are basic consumable parts for waterjet cutting.

Sapphire orifices deliver long, coherent jet streams, whereas ruby orifices are slightly more robust and deliver a shorter, more turbulent jet stream.

• Commonly used for non-critical applications
• Average cutting speed, edge quality and durability

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Orifice types

All our orifices are available in a range of sizes and types to suite a variety of waterjet cutting heads.

paser iii orifice

Paser III

paser iv orifice

Paser IV

paser ecl orifice

Paser ECL

type 10 orifice

Type 10

type 18 orifice

Type 18

type 25 orifice

Type 25

type 27 orifice

Type 27

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